Melbourne Cup 2015. Michelle Payne became the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. She was an outsider, the least likely to win the race with the bet as high as $101. But her trainer has faith in her anyway and against all odds, she won the race. She beat the impossible and did not waver to all the negativity of what people said about her likelihood of winning the race.

Having Faith and Hope is definitely not easy. We heard that quite often but it is an important topic and perhaps one of the most fundamental aspects in our life as a Christian. What is Faith? What is Hope? We don’t even have to talk in a great detail about it as I am sure we all know the definition by heart. Here I just wanted to share my experience and hope it can be blessing. I guess when we say that we have accepted and believed in God, we definitely can say that we have Faith. Faith is not some word that being much spoken about these days. Having “luck” is definitely more out there than having “Faith”. But does accepting God and believing in Him enough for me to say that I have Faith? For me, I will be only be half way there and don’t get me wrong, because half-way-there is a huge leap already and it is not easy for some or most people to have that first step. So it is definitely a good start.

For myself at least, I am definitely half way there. I have accepted and believed in God and Jesus as my Savior and Redeemer. I will get myself a tap on the back for that then. However, throughout my journey of Faith, it is definitely not easy to accomplish the other half of the journey. The first half may be considered “easy” for me as I was raised Catholic but perhaps it may not be that easy for those who weren’t. But the second half of the journey is definitely a lot harder. And here is what I mean by that, for me personally, the second half of the journey is like walking “blindly” with God on our side holding our hand. With the first half, you are sort of walking on your own towards Him by searching and looking though of course He is also guiding you along the way towards Him by people around you and life experiences in general.

By walking blindly, it doesn’t mean that you can’t see anything but it means that you need to fully trust in God in every single circumstances of your life. Now that it is not easy. It is like walking into a place where you do not know what you will encounter but He is definitely next to you, guiding you. Just like what Abraham did when God guided him to a foreign land.

I think Faith is more than just saying, “Yes God I believe in You”, in good times (even if you mean it). I think the real challenge would be when things don’t go according to your plan or when life gets tough, when people around you seem pushing you down or perhaps just when it is hard to say the word “Yes God”.
The second half of the journey may well be a life long journey, which is okay as long as we are running towards to the right direction.

I believe when we start our second half of the journey with that mindset, that’s where Hope comes into action. The Hope we have in God will be much easier because we have a strong foundation in our Faith already. We then can defeat the impossible (if God allows it) and and we can show the people around us that we are able to a Winner in Christ. You can do it Friends! (DL)

“Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” (Romans 12:12)


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