Bold Disciples

Definition of BOLD: confident, courageous, strong, brave, unshrinking.

Characteristic of BOLD disciples:

  • Have confidence in Christ
  • Not arrogant/full of pride (know that they are able to stay strong because of GOD)
  • Walk with GOD at all times

It is easy to trust GOD in the light, but we are called to have FAITH, which is to trust GOD in the dark.

It is not easy to be BOLD disciples. It looks easier during good times, when we think that God answered our prayers and gave us what we want. However, it becomes challenging during not so good times, especially when there are many troubles, when God seems to be distant and not answering our prayers, and when we are angry to or feel disappointed with God.

Matthew 7: 24-27 – a story about two persons who built a house, one on the rock, one on the sand. The similarity of these two persons:

  • Both got the same desire/vision/dream (to build a house)We all got a desire to achieve something, like to graduate, to have fruitful ministry, or to build a life that is favoured by God and pleasing to Him.
  • Both listened to God’s WordWe all have listened to His Word.
  • Both got hammered by rain and flood.We all have problems, conflicts, worries, anxieties. In fact, ALL BOLD disciples will face storms in life, will have things that undoubtedly test their faith and shake their life.

The difference of those two persons is that a BOLD disciple must build on the RIGHT foundation. In Christian life, foundation is where we put our hope and trust. There are a lot of things that men can put their hope and trust, like money, possessions/material things, and/or popularity. All of these things are TEMPORARY. When facing with difficulties, they cannot stand and easily fade away.

The SOLID foundation is Jesus. Nothing else like Him. No one as powerful, as unshakeable, and as dependable as JESUS. All of us are called to be BOLD disciples; Hence, we are called to always:

  • Place our HOPE and TRUST in JESUS / GOD alone
  • Know JESUS and listen to His teaching
  • Do what JESUS has taught us

By living as BOLD disciples, we become living witnesses of His glory. We will be able to face any storms in life with JESUS and be more than conquerors.

(Angel Sentosa, summarised by David Lukito)

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