The Amazing Race Part 2

Definition of Roadblock:

  1. Definition 1: A hindrance or Obstruction.
  2. Definition 2: A barrier or barricade on a road, especially one set up by the authorities to stop and examine traffic.

God’s Natures:

  1. Omnipotence: All powerful. He can do everything, including creating us humans in His image and with a freewill.
  2. Omniscience: All knowing. He is aware of past, present and future; and always knows best about our future.
  3. Omnibenevolence: All loving. His love to us is way beyond what we can comprehend or measure.

If He is all powerful, all knowing and all loving then why does He not prevent roadblocks in our life and make our journey a ‘freeway’?

  1. Faith Development.
  2. Test of Faith. (1 Petrus 1:7)
  3. Faith Dependent. (Yer 17: 5,7)

How to deal with roadblocks of life?

  1. Change our focus towards it.
    a) Focus on God not the problems.
    b) As hard as it may be, put your trust in God and let Him guide you through it.
  2. Be positive.
    a) Know that problems can sometime be a blessing in disguise.
    b) Sometimes God wants us to do a detour that leads us to the better paths.
  3. Always have hope. (Rm 5:5)
    a) Fear can overcome our life but Hope in God overcomes our roadblocks.
    b) Problems do not limit your ability to overcome it but you yourself are the one limiting yourself to overcome the problems.
  4. Be Thankful. (1 Tes 5:18)
    a) Be thankful at all times even in times of trials and tribulations.
    b) Be thankful that there is a problem. It means that once again we can see GodÕs greatness in our life.

2 Tim 4:7 – I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

(David Lukito)

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