What is Christmas?

That question will always be the favourite question during this month. For some people Christmas is the time for a getaway, some say it’s party time, for some it might be gifting time. That’s what happens when you live in this secular world, when people are actually brainwashed about spending more and partying more during Christmas. Basically the world is trying to distract us from the real meaning of Christmas, which is giving. There are two gifts that Jesus gave us, salvation and humility.

Why did He give us these two gifts?

Jesus came to this world out of love, he wants to save all of us by dying on the cross. He was born in a humble stable and not in a fancy hospital or place to show us humility. That’s what He wants from us, humility, to accept our limitations and always ask Him to come into our lives and cast our worries, our weakness and our fear.

So many times we are worried and afraid of our future because of our problems, that’s why He provides salvation for all of us. We always try to overcome our problems or troubles with our own strengths and mind, but we forgot to put that humility in our lives and remember that God promised us salvation. So, let go and admit that you need God more than you can ever think. Let him cast away all your worries, our weakness and our fear.

Count Your Blessings

Remember when we are facing any problems or troubles, what we need to do is do our best, step back and let God do the rest. This song has actually been a blessing for me every time I feel worried and afraid, it managed to give me strength and hope: Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep.

By experiencing the humility and salvation ourselves, God expects us to share that blessing to others as well. He wants us to spread that gift for other people in need of God, and slowly bring them closer to God, that way they can also experience the real meaning of Christmas. (ANT)


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